I'm Matt.

I am a freelance
digital product designer
front-end web developer
and photographer.

I've been helping brands conceptualize and build great digital products for over 10 years.

I plug into existing teams to help create digital products that marry customer needs with business value. I specialize in product strategy, user experience design and front-end interface development.

My workbench includes the following tools: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sass, Grunt, Browserify, Node.js, PHP, XCode (Objective-C), Wordpress, Shopify, Photoshop, and Sketch.

Given the fast nature of technology, my work isn't always availble to view online. Please get in touch with me and I'll share some of my most recent work.

I'm available for contract and project based opportunities.


I focus on documenting life and nature as they are. My goal to reveal a side of a story we don’t often see and create authentic connections with an audience.

My process is very lean and doesn't involve large studio setups and equipment. I aim to capture life as it is without changing it to fit the picture. Check out a sample of my work in my portfolio or via my Instagram feed below.

Ways We Work is a digital publication that tells stories and gets first hand accounts of how people do meaningful work. I partnered with the founder Amandah Wood to help bring a bigger vision of the project to life. Our aim is to share stories about the everyday ups and downs people go through to keep themselves productive, motivated and fulfilled with what they do. The goal is to help people find their own perfect fit so they can feel accomplished and ultimately be happy with their work.

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Every so often I send out a newsletter with an update and some my favourite photos from the past month. Have a look at a sample newsletter to get an idea.

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